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We undertook the trip to the lower part of the city, where the offices of steam lines, railways, express lines are located, and as who says, the keys to open all the doors of the world.

directions, instructions for travelers, everything is there explained by courteous clerks, who take great pains to detail details, and who lead you as if by hand to the points you want to go to.

On shelves, at the entrance of these rooms, there are free maps and very useful directories available to all who want.

The shipment of the luggage was arranged, the coachman who was to pick us up at seven o’clock at night, and whatever we could fancy.

The city seemed more beautiful and lively to me; its high walls, its magnificent buildings, its domes, its towers, its flags, as if they were coming out to see me go, and pointing to me amidst that tumult of cars, carts, vendors, businessmen and passers-by.

Lunch was very sad; they were indifferent things; but the echo of the voice was bitter, and our eyes did not dare meet.

The rain broke out in torrents; I shut myself up in my room, and to distract myself from the annoyance that overwhelmed me, I began to copy and extract the following from the New York Times, which I found curious.

But it is the case that inside the newspaper, and as by way of introduction, I had put I do not know how many nonsense that in those circumstances agreed with the disposition of my spirit, like a pair of pistols with a Holy Christ.

I don’t want to, I don’t want to add or remove letters: there goes the extract with everything and inappropriate and bizarre pompadour.

Now that I review my notes, like someone reviewing an examination of conscience, I see how superficial my

tudios, the long time wasted in fandangos and bureos and how badly the advertisement for Trip to the United States corresponds, with the tiny and badly forged text of Fidel.

I was somewhat consoled by such bitter reflections, to convince me that this defect of mine runs in the family.

She had an uncle (who has to start with something), who was very knowledgeable about maps and geographic studies.

He announced one day that he was going to shut himself up with his books, and catch it yourself. invisible to ordinary mortals: those of us who spied on him through the little hole in the door plate saw him piling up scrolls, spreading papers, pulling lines, and studying, full of eagerness, until late at night.

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